What’s The Deal With Ulta?

Most women like looking good. Even if they don’t always have time to spend on themselves. Just because they don’t normally have their hair and makeup done, doesn’t mean they don’t like it.


 Today we’re going to talk about a store my wife likes. Its called Ulta. You can find it around malls or online at ulta.com. For a man, it can be very intimidating to walk into a store like this and come out with an intelligent gift that she’ll like. Thousands of products, hundreds of categories, and annoyingly helpful staff. The reason why women like this store, is because they have a lot of products, brands, good prices, and they also have salon services. Kind of like a one-stop shop for beauty/hair.

Based on my research, here are my suggestions for what to buy at this store. First, do not let an 18 year old girl tell you what to buy your wife. Bad idea. Just because someone who is barely an adult thinks something is a good gift, doesn’t mean it is. All my suggestions are based on actual answers from grown women.




  1. Buy a giftcard. This one is easy since she can use it instore or online for any products and services.
  2. Buy her favorite perfume. This is pretty easy as well. If she wears perfume, check the brand she  uses. If she doesn’t  wear it, don’t buy large sizes. Lots of brands sell small sizes or rollers. Pick something that smells good to you because some perfume is legitimately gross and if you don’t like it then chances are she won’t either.
  3. Buy a giftbox of her favorite brand of makeup. Lots of times Ulta has boxes of makeup from one brand all packed together. This is also a good way for her to try out a new brand.
  4. Buy a nice lotion. You can ask for help on this one. Just make sure you think you wife will like the smell.
  5. Buy a bath product. Again, check the smell. Don’t buy cheap crap.
  6. Buy a giftbox of high-end hair care products. It’s a great way for her to try a new brand. Only do this if you think you can adequately describe your wife’s hair to the staff.
  7. Buy facial products. Ask for help here. Tell them you’re looking for some at home-spa products for facials and see what they suggest.
  8. If you’re worried about getting the wrong thing, buy a nice expensive bath salt thing and a giftcard.


  1. Buy single makeup products. Only buy those large starter packs with multiple items for her to try out. Anything else feels like you’re just doing her normal shopping for her.
  2. Buy nail polish colors. They change their minds on colors all the time and there is a massive difference between shades of the same color–or so i’m told.
  3. Buy hair tools. You have no idea what you’re doing.
  4. Chicken out.



Lingerie: To Buy or Not To Buy

Don’t do it.

So I recognize I live in Spokane, Washington which basically qualifies me as hick from the sticks. Take whatever I say and decide what you think. However, in this instance, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. The ONLY scenario where I would suggest that you buy lingerie is for YOUR birthday. That’s it. And even then, I’d go with a giftcard. What if she doesn’t like the style or color you bought? Even worse, what if it’s too small?! This is dangerous territory so stay far away my friends.

According to a recent survey of women, here’s why buying lingerie is bad. These are actual responses.

  1. You bought it, you wear it
  2. If by lingerie you mean wine…
  3. This is a present for you not me
  4. How long were you in there shopping, perv?
  5. I’d rather spend the money on shoes
  6. Only if I can buy something for you to wear
  7. There better be a gift-receipt
  8. No

There you have it guys. Proceed with caution…straight to the candy and roses section.


Gifts That Say Sorry

Great Gift Ideas

How badly did you screw up? An argument where things got a little heated? Maybe some candy and flowers and a touch of groveling. Plan on a cruise later this year. I can recommend Princess Cruise lines, just saying.

Be in touch with what she wants. Does she love gardening and trees? Contact a local arborist (like my favorite local Spokane Tree Care Expert) and find out what type of tree would grow well. They can direct your buying decision so you get a truly long-lasting gift.

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