Gifts That Say Sorry

Great Gift Ideas

How badly did you screw up? An argument where things got a little heated? Maybe some candy and flowers and a touch of groveling. Plan on a cruise later this year. I can recommend Princess Cruise lines, just saying.

Be in touch with what she wants. Does she love gardening and trees? Contact a local arborist (like my favorite local Spokane Tree Care Expert) and find out what type of tree would grow well. They can direct your buying decision so you get a truly long-lasting gift.

Gifts are a great way to communicate how you really feel and if you want to make things better or fix what happened, spend money/time on her. If you’re not sure, always level up to the next gift/groveling level.

Here’s a few last minute gift ideas, plus more on my last post:

  • Flowers (just ask what her favorite is sometime, and write it down so you can reference)
  • Candy (same as above)
  • Surprise date night with babysitter setup by you
  • You watch the kids while she goes out (this is a winner idea but make sure she doesn’t go grocery shopping)
  • Just offer to rub her feet or back (non-sexual)
  • Bring home dinner (let her know first so she doesn’t cook dinner before, that doesn’t go over so well)
  • Send her off on a ladies weekend with friends
  • Don’t buy lingerie under any circumstance.


What are some other ideas you guys have? Comment below!