Last Minute Gift Ideas


So you waited till the last minute? Or did you completely forget until she reminded you?

Don’t be Scared! We have Ideas for you













If last minute means a day or two before, then don’t panic too much. I have a simple two step process.

  1. Go to whatever fancy store your wife likes and find someone, preferably female, to help you.
  2. Hand them your wallet and tell them you will be waiting in your car.
  3. (Bonus tip) Walk away shaking your head, knowing you will remain married for at least one more year.


If last minute to you means you completely forgot till the day of. Sorry, man. You’re screwed.

Just kidding. Here is an exhaustive list of last minute gift ideas.

  1. Buy a giftcard online. You can opt for email delivery. check our vendor list for places to get a giftcard
  2. Order flowers or chocolate with same day delivery. (very expensive)
  3. If you have a chance to do a little bit of shopping, then you can personalize the gift more than just a giftcard. Here’s what I would go with:
    1. Buy a gift item: Flowers, potted plant, expensive candle, Starbucks/expensive decorative mug.
    2. Buy a treat: Chocolate box, her favorite candy bar, etc.
    3. Buy a card: Doesn’t have to be fancy, just grab a nice one from the same store you got the treat.
    4. Buy a gift certificate (optional). This will depend on the occasion and what you’ve already gotten her.
    5. Put it all together. $5 is all it takes to take this from looking like a last-minute grab to a thoughtful present. Grab a giftbag and some tissue paper (this looks worthless but women like it). Take two pieces of tissue paper, unfolded and push them inside the bag so that they stick out. Gently place all items except fresh flowers inside the bag. Try to decoratively stuff more tissue paper inside on top. Don’t forget to write something in the card. If you only sign it, you are a dead man.