Lingerie: To Buy or Not To Buy

Don’t do it.

So I recognize I live in Spokane, Washington which basically qualifies me as hick from the sticks. Take whatever I say and decide what you think. However, in this instance, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. The ONLY scenario where I would suggest that you buy lingerie is for YOUR birthday. That’s it. And even then, I’d go with a giftcard. What if she doesn’t like the style or color you bought? Even worse, what if it’s too small?! This is dangerous territory so stay far away my friends.

According to a recent survey of women, here’s why buying lingerie is bad. These are actual responses.

  1. You bought it, you wear it
  2. If by lingerie you mean wine…
  3. This is a present for you not me
  4. How long were you in there shopping, perv?
  5. I’d rather spend the money on shoes
  6. Only if I can buy something for you to wear
  7. There better be a gift-receipt
  8. No

There you have it guys. Proceed with caution…straight to the candy and roses section.