Should I Buy Essential Oils

Today I’m talking about something your wife probably knows a lot about. You probably don’t so that’s why I’m helping you out. gifts for her






Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Yes, she does want them
  2. No, you can’t buy them…easily

The thing about Essential oils is that they are a major MLM product so lots of their friends already sell them and are talking about these oils on facebook. If you go to the store and try to buy her some, you will invariably get the wrong kind. Essential oils need to be high quality to work and apparently stores sell the wrong kind anyway.

Here’s a couple ways you can get her essential oils.

  1. Tell her you’d like her to try them. Give her the green light to spend anywhere from $50-$250. Don’t act surprised at how expensive they are. Tell her it seems like a great deal for the health benefits. Her friend’s all know this anyway. She’s already been looking at buying them so this will give her a good chance.
  2. If you know who she likes to buy them from, contact this friend who sells them and ask them how they do gift cards. Usually they make a handmade one for you to deliver to your wife for a shopping spree.
  3. Ask the person she buys from to buy her a set or some nice products of their choosing.
  4. There are a few oils that are not sold through friends like Plant Therapy, so you can just buy a gift certificate from them.

Recap: Do not buy oils from a store. Do not buy from anyone who sells them. Most likely your wife knows five friends who sell them so you should let her choose who to buy from. Do not choose the oils yourself. Be prepared to spend a lot of money.